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AI in videogames

As many gaming devices now use GPUs as their processing chip, videogames are able to make
use of the increased power and human-like thinking of NPC protagonists and antagonists.
Alien: Isolation by Creative Assembly revisits the Alien fi lm franchise and has you play as Ripley’s
daughter Amanda, trying to escape from the alien on board the Sevastopol space station. The
alien doesn’t run along a predetermined path, instead reacting to the player’s behaviour. Not
only that, but it learns whether you are a ‘hider’ or a ‘runner’. The advanced game engine has the
ability to make instantaneous decisions, thanks to a GPU that can make a lot of decisions at once, rather than rely on the CPU to make a series of linear decisions.

Also making the most of AI technology are fighting games like Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. In the Yurin Dojo, you are able to battle a ‘ghost character’ in which you fi ght an opponent based on the combat style of another player. All the time you are playing the game, it gathers info about your fi ghting style in order to re-create you as one of the in-game characters!


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