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How do pixels work?

The golden rule is the more pixels you have,
the sharper the display. Pixels are made up of
red, green and blue sub-pixels and signals in
a device tell each when to light up. In its
Retina display, Apple uses Super High
Aperture (SHA) technology, which places a
layer of resin between the pixels and signal
lines. The pixels are so tightly packed in this
system that the resin is needed to keep
everything in order.
A possible downside to Retina technology
is that the more pixels you squash in, the
more likely they are to cause interference
with each other and affect the image. SHA
helps avoid this. Apple believes that a person
cannot differentiate between individual
pixels from one of their Retina HD devices at
a normal viewing distance – around 25
centimetres (ten inches) for an iPhone and
38 centimetres (15 inches) on an iPad.
It remains to be seen whether technology
companies can keep pumping in pixels or
whether a maximum level will be reached in
the next few product generations.

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